Nest Box Erecting

We have members that make our nest boxes and we also have nest box making days that are open to anyone that would like to lend a hand. The work doesn’t end there of course; the boxes need to be erected after that.

So here’s a sequence of photos showing the method we use.



One of the key elements in deciding where to place boxes is the habitat in te area. Many farmers have been really helpful in this respect, sometimes leaving wide margins around field sides that will develop into areas suitable for all sorts of wildlife, including the field voles that are the barn owls primary prey.


We use simple hinges at the back of the box, attached at each bottom corner. When the box is erected we put nails through the screw holes. Somewhat crude but very effective as the hinges can be swung into place and thereby brace the box to virtually any tree.







The box is secured to the tree without the front panel fitted, allowing access to the rear inside of the box and so large nails can easily be knocked through as the main means of attachement to the tree.






After the box is securely fixed to the tree the front pannel is screwed in place.






One luxury Barn Owl box waiting to be occupied!














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