Welcome from the South Barn Owl Group

Welcome from the South Barn Owl group who are David Bromont and Tony Dickinson.

October 2017.

Update from the South shows that at present we have some 296 boxes erected and this year had 38 breeding pairs with another failed brood. In total some 96 young were produced giving an average site success rate of 2.46 young.

Retired Head of Science Teacher and ex Industrial/Research Scientist. Birdwatcher for 20 years and involved with Barn Owl conservation since 2000. Volunteer RSPB Visitor Centre at Coombes Valley reserve.

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  1. Ian Jones MCBOCGadmin says:

    The South Cheshire Barn Group can be contacted directly at:

  2. Tony Dickinson says:

    South Cheshire 2019.

    Dave Bromont (formerly of Bentley Motors Crewe) has continued his work of building boxes and installing them around the area. to date over 285 have been put up, mainly tree boxes.

    Tony Dickinson 8/5/2019

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