2022 So Far

It’s mid April 2022, the barn owl breeding season is underway, and we’ve starting checking barn owl boxes to see how things look.

It’s early days, but the signs are promising.

Late March 2022 we found the first signs of breeding activity, with at least one pair already on eggs.

Early April proved less promising with a number of boxes empty (although they had been empty last year as well).

The Easter weekend has proven far better. I only checked seven boxes, but four contained pairs of barn owls; one still to lay eggs, one with one egg, one with two eggs, and one with four eggs (three of these pairs are in boxes which were unused last year).

As above, its early days, but if things carry on like this it could prove to be a reasonable year.

However, like every other year at this time, things can change very quickly. Mother Nature, as ever, will determine how things move on. Let’s hope she’s kind to us this year.


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