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Using MCBOCG Discussions

These forum style discussions are available to all registered users of the website to discuss all matters relating to barn owls. If you would like to contribute then we'd very much like you to do so.

If you want to be kept informed of any new discussions then you can click on the "Subscribe to this forum" link at the bottom of each discussion. Within Each Discussion are topics and if you want to be kept informed of any new posts in an individual topic you can click on the "Subscribe to this topic link", which is below each topic (it's easy when you get used to it).

There is a link to register on the opening page of this discussion area and also in the User Menu lower down the right hand side of every page. Alternatively if you want to register now then you can register here now.

Recent updates to the website workings now make this getting notifications easier than ever, just log into the forum and click on the subscriptions tab.

You then have three options which are pretty much self explanatary, probably the best option whilst we don't have a huge amount of posts being added is the third one, "new topics and posts" which will ensure you get informed of all forum posts not just new ones.

If any further explanation is required then shout up by all means.